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Let's come together for the children who need us most.


As we face this global pandemic of coronavirus, I want to give you as much support as possible for yourself and your children and clients with autism. Globally our communities are facing unprecedented dangers with  COVID-19. This crisis is having a significant effect on the most vulnerable children. 

An issue of particular concern is the negative impact of public school closures on low-income families. For millions, the public education system serves as a lifeline by not only providing schooling but also offering essential services such as free or reduced meals, childcare, and extracurricular/afterschool activities – all of which families must now go without.


We know it’s a weird time (and that’s putting it lightly). Many of you are figuring out this new normal. You may be fearful because you are immunocompromised, in a high-risk group or love someone who is. You may be confused by all the media and noise around you. You may be trying to keep your kids occupied while working from home. No matter who you are, you’re probably super overwhelmed.


While reports suggest that children aren’t physically as vulnerable to the virus, the health and wellbeing of the adults in a child’s life have a direct impact on their safety and mental health.

With so much misinformation circulating. I want to do my part in helping any family that's in need. I will be sharing informative articles from medical professionals/experts, resources. Fun crafts and virtual activities to help keep the kiddos engaged while having fun.

Look below for downloadable resources.

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